Our Affiliates

Duke University Smart Home
            The Smart Home supplies us with water from its rainwater collection system. We also draw volunteers and leadership from its body of students.

The Freeman Center
`           In addition to sending volunteer who are interested in our mission, the Freeman center has committed to composting its organic waste. They then supply it to the community garden to help fertilize our beds.

Duke Sustainability Office
            The Duke Sustainability provides us with funds for the garden in several forms. In addition to making major grants available, they also supply us with funds for a summer intern and a year-long sustainability representative at the garden.

Plan V
            Plan V, the vegetarian dining student group at Duke, is intereste din regularly purschasning our produce to have local vegetarian dinners.

Apiary Club
            The apiary club gave us our beehives and helps us with the technical knowledge to maintain and harvest from the hives. These bees fertilize our flowers, and we receive the proceeds from their produce.

Bon Appetite
            Bon Appetite, the dining service on campus, has offered to put our produce on display for sale and to incorporate it into their meals.